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A Week In My Life: A Second Lease in Life

It started out as an ordinary Thursday morning, my daily routine after waking up is to watch the morning news while eating breakfast, then taking a bath and prepared to go to work, taking the bus and commuting to work, then started working early. Having worked most part of the morning when I felt a pain on my right side tummy, below the ribs, which started the night before, but becoming unbearable, and was growing weaker as time goes by, and by lunch time, I ask Carol to take me to the Hospital and have it checked.

Arriving at the Emergency Room, I was attended by the doctor, had my blood test and was scheduled to take an ultra sound on my tummy, and when the results came back all my organs were normal and they said that the pain was from an inflamed intestines and prescribed some medicines and was sent home.

A week before this, we were on a trip to Cagayan de Oro to celebrate my birthday with my mother, which we had not seen for a long time, and when we were there, we ate at some of the new restaurants which were not open yet the last time we were in Cagayan de Oro. My usual diet consist of a lot of meat, specially burgers and steak with lots of spices, and the pain on my side was on and off the whole trip but did not think of it that seriously.

Upon returning to Manila, we ate at a restaurant at Bonifacio Global City, which serves slabs of beef ribs, to celebrate my birthday, which I ate with my kids, and as usual eating meat again.





Being sent home from the Hospital, I was feeling OK and was back eating what I normally do, but still have not been able to go to the bathroom and have a dump. Then came Monday morning when I woke up with the pain back and a blotted tummy, I tried to go to the bathroom but still could not take a dump, then I started vomiting and was getting weaker, when I was brought back again to the emergency room, this time they did a CT scan on my abdomen and while waiting for my results I was vomiting and my tummy getting bigger.



When the results of the tests came back I was told that I had a blocked colon and the doctors suspected that it was cancer. Was admitted around 1700hrs and was scheduled for operation at 1730hrs the next day. I was inserted a tube through my nose to my stomach which they said would relieve the pressure in my tummy, but I had a hard time trying to insert the tube and was successful on the eight try. They measured my tummy, which measured around 110cm and looked like I was pregnant, and had not slept well because I was vomiting all the time.

The next day at around 1730hrs, I was wheeled into the operating room and was met by the anesthesiologist, and was talking to me and asking how I was, then all of a sudden I was out, and by 1200hrs was back at my room with a 12inch stich on my tummy and a bag hanging on my side to collect my waste. When the doctor came they said that they had removed a 10cm long of intestines to remove the blockage and clear it of all the cancer cells. I was not allowed to drink any liquids and was so thirsty.











Ever since my operation, I had changed my diet and the way I have eaten, no more meat, now I am eating lots of fruits and vegetable, drinking lots of vitamins and trying to be stress free. I will be spending a month on recovery and then will be going back to work. The doctors say that I will have this bag on my side for a year and after which, I would have another surgery to put my intestines back to normal.

For this I thank my family for the support, the help and the love they have given me, my friends which gave encouragement and my bosses, who gave word to get well and get my ass back to work.





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A Week In My Life Teaser

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a teaser for A Week In My Life