Need a Caterer in the Greater Batangas Area?

Cesca’s Kitchen Catering started out as a café and branched out to the catering service. Coffee has become more than just a beverage. From its ritualistic beginnings in Ethiopia to the massive proliferation of cafés worldwide, it has evolved into a kind of global culture.

Strange to think that in the 1800s, Lipa, Batangas used to be one of the top exporters of coffee in the world, until our Robusta crops were wiped away by the plant disease called coffee rust.
As a tribute to help preserve the great heritage of the Batangueňos, young entrepreneur Celeste Maralit-Lindog, decided to put up Cesca’s Kitchen & Catering Services (formerly H Kape & Catering Services and was located at Events Centre, Maharlika Highway, Purok II, Brgy. Sico, Lipa City, Batangas which opened last December 20, 2006). Cesca’s new home is found at Phoenix Gas Station, MK Lina St. (Balagbag), San Sebastian, Lipa City, Batangas. A coffee shop and a convenience store that is a first in Lipa, Batangas bringing the café scene closer to people living on the other side of the metro. Cesca’s is said to become the next “it” place in the whole province of Batangas. Cesca’s Kitchen & Catering Services is all about imagination, its coffee’s and cuisines is an art form crafted by the creativity of its owners bound by a common purpose. The mystery of its appeal inevitably unfolds as one experiences not only coffee drinking, but tasting the food in this place.
Both gastronomic and artistic hunger are satisfied once you see their menu, which Celeste conceived, keeping in mind the taste of the Batangueňos but bringing it forward to the modern times. The food at Cesca’s boasts of keeping the true Batangas spirit by using local produce and ingredients such as our signature dish, Sinaing na Tulingan Pasta in Olive Oil. True to its commitment, with unfailing good taste of the food, Cesca’s kitchen staff and Event Manager, will go to great lengths to please its patrons, even altering cooking procedures upon request.
Great coffee, great food and excellent service, a relaxed atmosphere—that is what Cesca’s Kitchen & Catering Services is all about!
Cesca’s Food and Catering Services, which is a sole proprietorship, which has its new address at Events Hub, Big Ben Complex, Mataas na Lupa, Ayala Hiway, Lipa City, Batangas, with its main kitchen facilities, located at Barangay San Felipe, Padre Garcia, Batangas, now concentrates mainly on the Catering Services. With more than 8 years of Catering Service has catered or rendered its services to some of the major events held in the city of Lipa, Batangas.













The food which tastes awesome, using the latest innovation in cooking and using local ingredients to flavor their menu








With a competent staff to help you in you needs while eating and enjoying your planned celebration.





We also offer styling services to cater to your needs on your occasion.




For more inquiries, Visit us on the following:

Facebook: Cescas-Kitchen-Catering


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