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4 Send-Offs in 2 Weeks

Posted: September 14, 2013 in Blog, Events
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4 Send-Offs in 2 Weeks

Having to work for almost a week for the wake of a client, and send-off would be on a Sunday, which was September 1st, being too busy shooting the wake and having almost no sleep for almost a week, we were glad that the send-off was over.

Then we got a message that the grandmother of Carol died and would have a send-off on Wednesday, which would be September 4, we had to travel to Lipa, Batangas to attend the send-off and then travel back to Manila that afternoon.

While editing photos of the send-off last Sunday, I got a call that a close friend, which I was shooting with last Sunday, had a cardiac arrest and was at the morgue of East Avenue Medical Center, which at first, I thought that we have another case to shoot, then it sank in that he passed away, helping out with what ever we could through the last day which is a Sunday when he would be cremated.

While our close friend was being cremated, Carol received a call that their officemate for more than 30 years and was confined at the hospital passed away and would be buried on a Wednesday, which was September 11 in San Juan, Batangas. We then had to travel early in the morning to go to San Juan, Batangas for the send-off on that Wednesday.

Hope this won’t happen again, going to send-offs are okay but 4 send-offs in 2 weeks was too much.