Am I a MAC Addict?

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Blog, Events, Uncategorized
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Am I a MAC Addict?



My first taste of a computer was when my mother enrolled me to a basic programming class using a Commodore 64, and had fun playing games in it (not the programming). Then started using the Commodore VIC-20.

Then there was the XTs, ATs, 286, and the 386 and so forth… my real fast computer was a 386 with a math-co processor with the DOS or Disk Operating System, this is where I started to learn AUTOCAD and started animating in 3DMAX. Then came Bill Gates with the Windows Operating System with such applications as Pascal, C Language and Corel Draw where I started learning to use the computer to do designs, we even had a computer business with my friends then it became a family business, but business was not good then because of the 8 hour blackouts at that time. And this is where I started to really play computer games like Wing Commander because of the graphics.

Then I was hired by a small design studio where all their computers were all MACs, and was ask to learn how to operate and use the applications in a day. I was given a MACiiLC to start with and started using Photoshop 2.0, then came the Quadra640, then the Quadra 840, moving to a Power PC and then came the G3/G4 MACs and now using a G5 dual core in the office and an old G4 silver MAC at home.

When I started using MACs, this is also the time I started to use other MAC products like the iPod (which I still use my 2nd generation iPod with a touch wheel), then the iPod Nano and an iPhone3Gs and I am thinking of getting an iPad… or a Macbook Pro for our travels.

Ever since I started using a MAC, I hardly ever use a PC anymore (unless in extreme cases where I really have to use it and ask for assistance on how to use it). And the first thing I look for in a computer shop is a MAC and would love to have the latest desktop which is a 12core PowerMac with a 27” LED dual display at home just for playing… that would be fun.

Now, am I really a MAC addict???

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