The Journey

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Blog, Events, Travel, Uncategorized
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Each and every one of us makes a journey, whether it is a long one, or a short journey. Starting out with caution on every step of the journey, then going on to be carefree once we learn the ropes, with bigger strides and bolder routes.

In a journey, we could have great adventures and some miss adventures. We try to cope with every situation and trying to learn from the mistakes that we have done.

We start out alone in the beginning of our journey and along the way, we meet others on their own journey who would join us and travel as a group, which usually helps us in our journey, making decisions on the routes we take or maybe burden us with their loads.

Nearing the end of our journey, with tired muscles and exhausted from the load we carry, we find a place where we could rest and savor the feeling of fulfillment, the accomplishments, and the triumphs we did in our journey. Remembering the memories of our journey, thinking of the things like why we took that route along the way and the other route, the people we meet along the way and the thought that our journey has ended.

This is how our lives are…

Thank you for taking us with you in your journey papa,
We love you and you will always be in our hearts.

Have a safe trip on your new journey in the after life!












Dr Manalo
– for taking care of papa thru the years that he had stayed in Baguio

Dr. Antonio

The Doctors, Nurses, and Staff of SLU Hospital, Baguio City
– for the care that you have given papa on his stay in the Hospital (kahit di maka pahinga pag gabi kasi sa mayat maya nyong pag gising sa kanya para kunan ang BP at iba pa)


Airbag Inc. (Kenneth Abad, Carl Guilan)
– for taking care of papa on the trip to manila, making sure that papa is comfortable and well taken cared of on the trip, not leaving the house till papa was stable and settled in.

Loyola Memorial Chapel & Crematorium
– for the services you have extended to us

and for all the relatives, friends and others, who offered prayers

we thank you all


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